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Simple, traditional folk remedies that leave the lightest footprint. The art of foraging for food and medicine is making a comeback, and to relearn these old ways is to lessen our impact on our environment.  With a focus on ‘weeds’ and plants which are considered pests to our environment, we teach people how to harvest, store and prepare them into old fashioned home remedies. This allows for cleaner  ‘weed’ control, plus an abundance of free, local herbs to weave into remedies!


Foraging is one of our most primal behaviours, and one that can feed the soul. It is a sustainable way to gather food and medicine, whilst doing your bit for ‘weed control’ in your local environment. 

Learning how to identify edible and medicinal ‘weeds’ is an extremely rewarding past time, and one that reconnects you with nature. 


Herb gardens are really just an extension of the vegetable garden, and can provide you with a year round supply of medicines, right at your back door. We have a strong emphasis on teaching people Herbal First Aid options, as well as encouraging them to grow their own Herbal First Aid garden.

Growing a garden helps to realign you with the natural seasons and cycles of the Earth, and provides a myriad of health benefits. 


Sustainable, inexpensive herbal remedies are one of the most satisfying things you can make. Learn from seasonal remedy making workshops, or join or Wild Medicine Community to gain access to our private forums and recipe sharing. 

Home herbal remedies are an amazing resource for all of those minor First Aid ailments. 

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Meet Claire

Hi, I’m Claire… Gardening and Medicinal Plants have been ‘my thing’, my entire life. I was the child who was fascinated with the way plants looked, smelt, grew, and interacted with their environment.  I would listen with keen ears when my grandmother would tell me about the remedies she used to make, and every chance I got,…

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Wild Lettuce; A natural anxiety remedy

So im writing this as a blog post today because apparently the Instagram feed only lets me ramble so much, lol.  Too many words they say…. geez…  Its always fun wandering around a yard in Spring.  Especially if its not been manicured beyond oblivion and some of the ‘weeds’ are left to grow enough that…

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How to prepare a Garlic Oxymel

Rainy days at my house always conjures the brewing of ‘something’ in my kitchen, and it just so happens that my garlic has finished its’ 2week-long ‘digestion’ in apple cider vinegar, and is all ready to be combined with the other herbs and honey, to create a batch of ‘Garlic Oxymel’, all ready for the…

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