Herbal Syrup Masterclass

All you need to know about

making your own herbal syrups

Online Workshop/ Self paced

Cost: $55

Syrups can be a fun addition to food, or revved up and brewed into something a little stronger and truly useful!

Depending on how you formulate it, a syrup can be a powerful respiratory expectorant, and immune tonic, or a calming ‘nervine’ nightcap. Let’s discuss these benefits, and which herbs are the best additions for each!

In this masterclass, i will take you through the basic methods for preparing and brewing up a herbal syrup, and a few variations for those who might need them. We will cover things like:

  • when they are best used
  • when to perhaps avoid them
  • sterilisation methods
  • bottling and storing techniques
  • dosing for adults and children

During this workshop i will discuss both common garden herbs, as well as easily foraged ‘medicinal weeds’, all of which can be added to your syrup.

Let’s get your cauldrons bubbling before the Winter hits… and also right now whilst there is a world of Autumn produce about!

This workshop is structured around the way in which herbs have traditionally been prescribed. The information is for general interest and use only. For a more detailed and tailored consultation, please visit my clinic page here at Natural Body Lab