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Build your own Herbal Dispensary

Have you ever wanted to have your very own dispensary of home made herbal goodies? One that you have lovingly grown or foraged, and created into remedies yourself?! Our private Potioners’ Facebook Community is launching- a place where you will learn how to identify, harvest, store and create with herbs- in a real-time format as the seasons roll around.  Learn how you can look after your family in so many ways, using local wild-grown ‘weeds’ and home grown herbs. 

I believe in practical, simple plant remedies.

Herbal Medicine does not need to be complicated in order to be effective.

In fact, the more basic your preparation is, the more potent its action can be. (Think, a remedy without fillers, preservatives or a crazy marketing campaign behind it.. just pure actives!)

Build your knowledge, and grow your own Home Herbal Apothecary with confidence, using (free) wildcrafted herbs, or herbs which are easily grown in your garden or in pots on your patio. Herbal Medicine is the people’s medicine, and its time we all reclaimed that knowledge!

Here you can learn just how efficient simple remedies can be, when applied at the correct time and in the most applicable way.

This is not like other workshops.. this is a month-by-month, real-time sharing of relevant knowledge and ‘how-to’ practical tips i have learned in over 20years of working with herbs.

Come inside my herbal workshop and let me share with you what i do each season to make sure i am a prepared and ready for whatever the days and weather may bring..

Being a busy mother of two, (and three dogs), it has always been a priority of mine to be able to offer some sort of relief and support in those moments when a bit of herbal first aid becomes necessary.

In this private community i will share with you what i personally keep on hand for both my family’s needs as well as for my broader work dispensary. This means that throughout the seasons, i will teach you which herbs to be planting or growing ‘now’, as well as which ones to harvest or forage ‘when’, and which ones to store or to create into remedies ready for ‘that day’.. We will work on a backbone of First Aid Remedies which will be super useful for whenever the need arises, and then as the year goes by we will add in remedies and recipes which are more relevant to that season and the one ahead.


Because now more than ever, nature needs people who understand her. Now more than ever, we need to find more sustainable ways of living.  Ones that reduce our carbon footprint and impact on our environment, and put us into a place of greater understanding and connection with the natural world around us. 

Herbs and plants can offer us an incredibly concentrated path toward better health- by delivering nutrient-dense foods and medicines,  free of chemicals, additives and fillers, and encouraging us to become more active in the outdoors and wild places.

My idea for Pick a Potion came about a few years ago, after i started noticing just how many parents would come to me in clinic for something that really should have been so easy for them to address at home… it was heartbreaking! So with that forever in my mind, i have wanted to find a way to reach more of you with honest, qualified information- in an affordable format. So welcome the birth of the Potioners private community. xx


Join me. You will have access to exclusive information and LIVE monthly tutorials and practical advice around plants, healing and remedies which are relevant to the most common seasonal ailments, as well as LIVE Q&A check-ins.

We will discuss recipes and remedy making, from the herb growing in the ground to the finished product- Learn how to build your own herbal dispensary in a safe, logical and supported way!

This private community is a place to learn and discuss weeds and garden herbs, and you will have the ability to put forward suggestions around which topics you would like me to cover in our sessions. 

Learn what do do and how to do it, from a practitioner with over 20years experience in the field.

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