The Calm Garden

Herbs for Anxiety & Sleep

Date: Wednesday 24th February 

(It will be recorded to view anytime after this)

Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm

LocationOnline (currently sold out, new dates TBA)

Please note: This workshop will be recorded to view at any stage after this event time, and all people who book will received notes to go with it. I have decided on this format purely for the flexibility of everyone, and potentially rules around group gatherings. I will open up a private Q & A page for all workshop attendees.

One of the questions i get asked the most in clinic, is what people can do and use in order to calm their anxiety and settle their nerves. In this 2.5hr workshop i have brought together some of my favourite (and easy to grow) herbs, that can be used to effectively help calm your nerves after a long, stressful day.

We will cover some of the best anxiolytic herbs- plants which have been traditionally used for stress, insomnia and anxiety.

I will share with you how to harvest, store, and prepare them into simple, effective home remedies.. and I will also talk about when and how to use each of these herbs, and of course cover things like drug interactions and contraindications.

There is nothing more rewarding than growing and using your own plants in your home, especially when it comes to helping sooth and reconnect with your calm.

Herbs can help with mental health in so many ways. From the reward and aesthetic of growing your garden, to the myriad of ways they can be used in your everyday life..

The simple ritual of brewing your own cup of herbal tea can be a wonderfully mindful act.. one that also delivers some therapeutic qualities at the same time.

Learn how some plants can help calm your busy mind, or settle you into a more peaceful sleep. See how others are more directed at relaxing the physical body, and have been used throughout history to help alleviation muscular tension.