The Pain Garden

Herbs to help ease aches & inflammation

Dates: Wednesday 17th March

(Will be recorded to view anytime)

Time: 10:00am – 12:30pm

LocationOnline (sold out)

How do you decide which herbs to try to help setting your pain? There are so many plants to choose from, it can be tricky to navigate which one might help you the best!

Not all pain is the same! In this 2.5hr online workshop i will cover the physiology of the different types of pain, and share with you some lifestyle housekeeping rules to help reduce it. Whilst some most definitely requires the attention of your health practitioner, some of the more chronic or milder types of pain (the ones which simply need to be managed), can be helped using simple herbal remedies.

With nearly 20years of clinical experience working with herbs in a Naturopathic setting, i can help you understand the different mechanisms behind each of the more potent (and legal) plants which are traditionally used for pain management. I will share with you a variety of analgesic and anti-inflammatory herbs, and teach you how and when they are best applied or used to help relieve symptoms.

Please note: Pain can be the symptom of something more serious in the body. This workshop cannot and is not designed to diagnose your pain. Please see your healthcare practitioner for differential diagnosis and management advice.

This workshop is structured around the way in which herbs have traditionally been prescribed. The information is for general interest and use only. For a more detailed and tailored consultation, please visit my clinic page here at Natural Body Lab